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About Ensuring The Future
Our Mission
Is to revitalize those who have suffered loss of family life as a result of drug and alcohol addiction. It is our aim to rebuild the family through love, support, guidance and education. We undergird the family to help them overcome the problems that arise from addictions. We encourage all person to live drug an alcohol-free, recover from the effects of drug addiction, and establish stable, productive lifestyles regardless of social, religious, economic, racial, ethnic, national, gender, or class-status.

Ensuring The Future is an organization that promotes healthy families and we seek to help mend the damages caused from a person who suffers with an addiction. Our goal is to be an advocate for youth and families that are dealing with a loved one who suffers from an addiction by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to function daily and maintain a stable home environment. 

Ensuring The Future is centrally located and operated in Washington, DC. Since our company opened its doors, we’ve assisted hundreds of families in and around the Washington Metropolitan Area. We aim to transform the lives of those who desire to be free from addiction and enjoy the benefits of healthy lifestyle.

Our Vision
To see individuals and families work together and survive in spite of challenges faced with addiction. Our aim is to aide all persons with the tools needed to heal and strengthen the family bonds strained by addiction. 

Our History
The organization was founded in 2000 by Darlene L. Hart who serves as the organizations founder. Darlene L Hart endured many issues while her husband abused alcohol and drugs. Her efforts to find help for herself and her children led nowhere. While there were many programs available for the addict there was nothing that help her and her children cope with the problems they faced. In fact most of the programs tried to help the addict focus more on their sobriety and less on family unification that was left behind and broken. 

Darlene Hart answered the call to help those who needed support get through the tough times and still manage the home and the family in spite of an absent parent or a loved one who is suffering from the addiction. The organization began as an informal group where she met with clients on the phone or she would met with them in their homes to help them get through whatever challenges they faced. She helped her clients develop a course of action to survive until their loved one entered the sobriety phase and committed to the process in July 2014 Darlene decided to take her informal self funded group and form a notable fully operational Non Profit organization. Two weeks after she submitted her application for tax exempt status the Lord allowed her application to be approved and the 501 (c)3 Non profit she dreamed of became a reality we were issued our nonprofit status effective June 9, 2014. 

Board Members and Staff:

Darlene L. Hart, President
Adrian Herbert, Community Affairs Director
Shaquita Taylor-Fleming, Program Director
Kierra Hart, Public Relations and Marketing Manager
Khiyana Hart, Operations Assistant
Nikkeisha Parmely, Operations Assistant